Yes, you.
May 12, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to you.

Yes, you.  The one who was woken up to the whisper, scream or song of “Mom” this morning from the mouth of a tiny human.  Wanting nothing more than just a few more minutes of silent sleep.  But also wanting nothing more than to feel the rise and fall of their soft body against yours as you hold them tight.
Yes, you.  The one who finds the transition from “mom” to “me” and back and forth again and again difficult.  Figuring how to be both, or one without neglecting the other.
Yes, you.  The one who is aching for your babies.  The ones who have come and gone, the ones not yet here, or the ones who may never make their way into your arms in this lifetime.
Yes, you.  The one who knows that you are creating, mothering and nurturing exactly that which needs you right now, which just may not come in human form… much to the dismay of your opinionated in-laws and friends.
Yes, you.  The one whose fingers long to dial their mother’s number, to hear the voice that once comforted and soothed them, but now only find silence.
And yes, you.  The ones who are happily celebrating this day with those you love and who love you.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in their many forms.  Creating, nurturing and carrying us along in this big, beautiful, messy world.
Love, Kali

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