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I started 4 yrs ago in 2015, this next February will be 5 yrs. I went to OULA training because I needed CEC’s to continue to teach my Latin hip hop class. I refused to get them from a Zumba training so I figured why not “try this OULA training.” I had no idea what OULA was or let alone even taking a class. There was only 1 class offered at the time in the whole Twin Cites, at a gymnastics studio in the south of the metro, and I wasn’t willing to drive down there before training. The only thing that I did know was I had to learn Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams and had to teach that song at the training on Sunday. I had a horrible attitude because I hated Taylor Swift.

During the very 1st master class, the music was as loud as it could possibly have been. I felt it was a bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, lost in the choreography, I couldn’t follow along, I couldn’t hear the cues and I was confused dancing in the master class with the trainers. The trainers were super enthusiastic, smiley and excited to share ALL the OULA with us. They were crying and hugging each other. This was WAY out of my comfort zone. At the time, I didn’t hug people and I wondered why are they crying? It was “just” a fitness class is what I thought. Oh boy, I was wrong and so thankful for that now. I had no choice, I had to go back the next day to complete my training. Andy Grammar’s Honey I’m Good was our song to learn on the weekend. So far my impression of OULA wasn’t a great fit for me. I hated Taylor Swift and now a Andy Grammar song. If I wanted these education credits I had to go back the next day to teach both of these songs. During the master class is when it all changed for me. I had a moment when I thought this OULA thing wasn’t so terrible that involved the owner of OULA and now my friend, Kali. We started to dance and Good Ol’ Taylor Swifts Shake It Off was in the playlist. Kali turned around to look directly at me and pointing her finger she said “Tina this Tay Tay is just for you” and winked at me. I thought to myself “Whoa lady, that was kind of………pretty damn funny!” I thought “These girls aren’t that bad after all. And THAT Kali Lindner is a smart ass and I like it!” That moment I seen a different side to OULA a little grittier than what I seen the day before and I liked it. Not Shake it off but Kali’s realness. Thank God Hey Mama by David Guetta was the very next song released and not another pop song or I wouldn’t have stayed to teach OULA another day.

Those uncomfortable moments in class have became a triumphs for me, crying and becoming vulnerable sharing my heart forever changed me. I fell in love repeatedly over and over again with OULA. The music I would never know or even care to connect to I love, the friendships I gained and lost. The life lessons learned, the awkward moments that challenged me to grow and the sense of pride I feel seeing the growth of OULA here. I love watching people grow and fallin’ love with themselves again, healing and having fun doing such, is a HUGE blessing for me!!!!!! It is pretty awesome.

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