// I . W A S . B O R N . T O . D O . T H I S //
January 19, 2018

“I tend to have a lot feelings swirling out after an Oula class, as I should! Today is no exception. Thank you Alli Bristow! This is a picture of me with my Oula sign from the super-fantastic Kali Lindner and Staci Lee. [Picture: Staci holding a framed quote, “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.”] Aside from who gave me the sign, it is special to me because these words jumped out at me from the Studio wall when I needed them most – THE FIRST TIME I TRIED OULA. Pretty sure either Suzy Bertsche or Brynn Molloy was there too! Trying something new is scary and the thought of failure detours me sometimes. On February 8, 2017, with @daaynaah at my side, I stayed and danced my first Oula class and the words “I am not afraid. I was born to do this,” allowed me to trust myself and my body. I stayed for the entire Oula class instead of leaving; although, my fear urged me to run out. It helped me stay out of my head and push aside the endless doubts bouncing around. Each time after my first Oula class, I came back and moved a bit more easily and confidently. I noticed how the moves flow with the songs. Sometimes I even noticed a pattern I could follow. Now, nearly a year later, I can close my eyes and just dance while my body, which was born to do this, dances. Now I take pride in the moments I am allowing myself to get into the music and dance instead of wondering if I look silly or awkward. Today @montanamantei was brave and danced her first Oula class. I am proud of my friend because she stayed and danced. As a matter of fact, I am proud of everyone who dances Oula for the first time and makes the uncomfortable comfortable because we were all born to dance our dance! And here’s to you too Courtney Wichman & Angie & everyone I have or will convince to try Oula with me! Much love Oula Fitness & Oula Bitterroot”
– Staci Wisherd, Missoula instructor

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