// W H A T . A R E . Y O U . O F F E R I N G . T H E . W O R L D //
January 31, 2018

This morning, and most mornings, as I either kiss my babies goodbye or drop them off at preschool on my way to work, I have a moment of asking myself ‘What will I do with my day and my time that is as worthy as being with my children?’ And B O O M, just like that, I find myself face to face with one of the biggest and most important questions of my life: What are you offering the world?
This can be a very overwhelming question, I do realize that, but I also know that our offerings can be small moments, interactions, and exchanges that do, indeed, change the world.

Today I will focus on both my outward offerings and my inward ones.
OUTWARD: I will be writing paychecks to my hardworking/heart-working team, I will take my kids somewhere fun so we can play and cook them a nourishing dinner so their bodies can be healthy and strong. I will soften in my interactions with others and try to act as compassionately as possible (which can be hard for me, since I tend towards fiery.)
INWARD: I will make time to read a book I’m almost done with and listen to a podcast I’ve had saved on a topic that inspires me. I go through phases of output and input, and right now I am soooo into input. I’ve been absorbing, learning, questioning and seeking. Filling myself up so it can pour out of me in what I hope are meaningful and valuable ways.
I would love to hear…
WHAT ARE YOU OFFERING THE WORLD TODAY? Sometimes even just asking the question brings an intentionality to our day that we normally may not experience when we are just going through the motions.

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