/// T H E . S O U L . E Q U A T I O N ///

Yesterday I was reading a book to Huxlie about equations. We got to this page at the end of the book and I just fell in love with this concept! Anything that you add S O U L to turns … Continued

/ / / T R U S T . T H E . P R O C E S S / / /

This is the scene of my house last night. A cozy dinner with my babies, husband and a dear friend that I cooked in a casual but loving way– that’s my style. Not too much effort, but comfortable and comforting. … Continued

/ / / L I K E . H O N E Y / / /

The latest Oula.One release is out. Just today in class it was described as feeling “cozy.” This one is perfect as the weather gets colder and your body craves comfort and warmth. Just $5 and it’s yours to keep forever. … Continued

D E A R . S A N T A

Are you still trying to figure out what to say when people ask you what you want for christmas? Or maybe you are wondering what to get your favorite OULAkin this holiday?ūüéĀ OULA took care of all of those hard … Continued

/ / / M I N D . B O D Y . S T U F F / / /

EEEEE!!! In just a little over a month, we release our podcast “Mind-Body Stuff” in which we have conversations about, yup, mind body stuff!!! In our first episode, you will hear¬†Bernice¬†psycho-analyzing my name and my childhood, the hours I used … Continued

/ / / G R A T E F U L . F O R . Y O U / / /

OULA has had a profound effect on my life – not least being able to work with my two closest friends¬†Kali¬†and¬†Staci. They push me everyday to be better than the day before. Some days I hate them for that and … Continued


I was scrolling through IG the other day and stopped on a photo from a popular account.¬† It was a beautiful woman, in a beautiful location, holding her beautiful baby.¬† It all looked so perfect.¬† Many of her several thousand … Continued

/ / / THE . POWER . OF . A . DANCE . PARTY / / /

Yesterday morning, Huxlie (who is 3) was having a grumpy morning. We usually chat all the way to school about what we are excited about that day, what we want to do after school, what we think we’re going to … Continued

/ / / B E . T H E . S O N G / / /

/ / / B E . T H E . S O N G / / / I just woke up from a nap with my 6 month old Piper. She’s teething, isn’t sleeping well (meaning I’m not sleeping well, … Continued

/ / / P O W E R . O F . C O M M U N I T Y / / /

  “I’ve learned is how critically important a supportive community is.” Julie Cahill, a great friend of the Oula Studio here in Missoula, just completed the training process. Julie’s been dancing with us since January and is now on her … Continued