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September 8, 2017

I’m sitting in our hotel room in London after 2 weeks of traveling around one of my favorite countries. Most of the time without wifi, in the country with my family in the campervan we rented or in quaint little homes we used for beds and showers after long days on the beach or exploring “castles” (everything here looks like a castle to a 3 year old American). We explored these castles as either Belle, Beast and Gaston or Queen, King, Princess and Dragon, always rotating who was who as we explored and wondered where the beast or the dragon was hiding in the castle and how we would save the princess. Every morning we would wake up and sing Disney songs and when we drove in our van named Elwood, we would play the Family Road Trip playlists I downloaded from Spotify before we left. Days without showers, ice cream every day and so much laughter was just what we all needed.
These two weeks were glorious. Usually when I travel I stay very connected with “work”, making sure I don’t lose my sense of purpose and responsibility as I leave those I love to care for OULA’s home, my dog, house, etc. I usually listen to new music for OULA, take time away from my family to put on my headphones and choreograph or call for the creative spirit to find me. This time I did not. I trusted that all was well without me. That I could be 100% present in a space that was not mine and I wouldn’t lose my footing in life. I tuned out of news and most of Facebook and just listened to my thoughts and the sounds around me and pretended I was a dragon chasing after the laughter of my little princess running in front of me, curls bouncing in the humid and salty air.
I know I haven’t posted here in a while, but I just wanted you all to know why. And that I am coming home full of life and adventure and inspiration. ***Being on my phone right now with Huxlie hovering, I just asked her “are you bored?” And she said “what means that?” “Oh, do you not know what ‘bored’ means?” “No.” (Parenting 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼) So….I’m gonna go. But, I’ll be back!!!


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