About 3 weeks ago, I was asked to teach an OULA class at our local high school. I danced in the cafeteria with about 30 high school girls, and we had a BLAST!! They loved it… I loved them!  I saw how in 1 hour these girls bonded with one another, through the magic that is OULA.  Afterward, they stayed, put my iPod on shuffle and we had a freestyle dance party! Even at 46 years old, I am still a teenage girl at heart!  –Stacey, OULA instructor

 I’ve been taking Oula Power for 2 1/2 years now, sometimes only once a week & sometimes three times a week.  Being over 40, I thought I’d be too old for a “power” class.   But I am so thankful that I kept going even though at first it was hard and different from my love of Oula, but now Power is just part of my fitness routine.   I am stronger and way more self-confident since starting these classes.   It’s really empowering……AND….I have seen so much toning improvement with my body.   However, the most noticeable change is how much more stamina I have – for my regular Oula classes, overall health, and daily activities.  It has given me direct muscle strength which not only makes me physically stronger, but mentally too.  I like that we only work with our body weight and I feel the choreography is easy to follow with reps and isolated movements.  I modify some of my moves because I know where my body has limits, and I never feel left out of the class or behind,I just keep moving in smaller motions.  I would highly recommend Power to anyone who has been thinking of trying it. –Pam Baertsch, 44

I love the way that Oula.One is perfectly put together. The way that the movements and stretches are paired with the music are amazing and feel that way in the body, mind and the soul. I think it is the perfect complement to round out a full body and soul workout that OULA Fitness provides. When Kali sent me the link to the first release, I was hooked. It just FEELS incredible. I think for me, personally as well as my participants, this is the needed link-and it isn’t just stretching, there is power and challenge as well. I have done a few online classes, which have been lovely, but I was able to experience this live in August, and I am honestly hooked.  –Chelle Bird, instructor

As an Oula lover myself, I was so excited when I found out about jr OULA for my daughter, Emma.  I started doing Oula during a time of change in my life, and realized that she was going through it too, and maybe something fun like this would be helpful…I was so right!  She walked into her first class with Lacie as a somewhat timid 4 year old, and walked out smiling from ear to ear and dancing the rest of the day!  A year later, we get her to class as much as we can, and she was lucky enough to be part of the camp this summer, which she loved.  I’ve seen her confidence soar as she’s found a place where she feels valued and included.  Lacie does an amazing job of being fun and upbeat, and reminding the kids to do the same.  I can tell Emma feels the same excitement in her classes as I feel in mine.  It’s been something that we’ve bonded over, with her often yelling at me in the car to “turn this up, it’s an Oula song!”  I LOVE that Oula includes everyone, of all ages, and am so happy that we both get to be a part of it.  Thanks Kali, Lacie and the whole Oula Family!  -Erin Hathaway-Proud Mom of a jr. Oula-kin!

I want to teach a format that gives permission to others to slow down, listen to their body, feel their body and also connect with some pretty awesome music. I have already noticed myself slowing down as a participant in Oula.One classes and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortableness (to me) of taking extra time for inhales, arm circles and body sways. The music shapes the movement SO WELL that the body reacts and responds accordingly, I don’t have to force or tell myself to slow down. I LOVE this, this is so cool – and I want to share this experience with others. –Lizzie Dolan, instructor

The most memorable moment of the training was being able to experience a class for the first time.  I had a gut feeling that OULA would be a fit, but had no idea how powerful the class experience would be.  It lived up to its reputation and more as the funnest. workout. ever.  The community aspect is such a huge piece and it was extremely memorable to dance through, as well as observe, all of the pieces fitting together.  –Jenna, training attendant

On many levels I feel that OULA saved me.  I was a train wreck on my first, third and probably even 20th class.  Even then, I kept coming back.  At first it was the fact that for the first time in a long time I started trusting my body and what it was capable of.  Then there was the pure enjoyment of a really good workout.  Then, somewhere in between, the magic happened. I don’t know why or what about OULA “works,” but I started to feel like myself again.  I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe that something this unique and joyful is real and that I get to be a part of it every day.  Now, OULA is the funnest, craziest, most loving group of people I could have imagined in my life. –Kyra, participant and OULA instructor

At first I was a little intimidated to take Power.  I didn’t think I had what it takes to do it.  I also felt because I was new to the choreography of Oula I’d be awful at it.  My first class was AMAZING and liberating.  I still can’t do all the push ups and still modify but none of that matters because I feel so strong with all I can do.  I love conditioning and this class I am accepted and celebrated for what I can do.  I’ve taken other classes and the focus has been the opposite.   My favorite part is at the end seeing the pure happiness of everyone in the class because everyone has met their goal and are celebrating their own personal win.  You can’t get that anywhere else. –TL Wolvert

(After my first class) I walked out of the room feeling better and I was able to laugh at myself (because I sure was a mess with the choreography- but I didn’t even care)!  Now a year and a half, 100 pounds, and hundreds of soul-filling classes later, I am the happiest I have been in years.  OULA inspires and challenges me daily.  OULA is completely accepting regardless of age, gender or shape. –Chelle, participant and OULA instructor