/// T U N I N G . I N . T O . T H E . M U S I C ///
June 6, 2017

It seems obvious that I would love to dance. I own a dance fitness company, I mean, I must love it, right? It’s funny though, it’s not the dancing that I love so much. I mean, I love dancing but I am not passionate about “dance,” per say. Send me dance videos that have gone viral and I smile or laugh or watch with awe and respect, but very rarely do they speak to my soul. What speaks to my soul is music. Send me a great song and I will physically feel it rearrange my cells and change me from the inside out. But the thing about music for me, is that listening to it just isn’t enough. I hear a good song and it makes me feel hungry and unsettled. Like, you know how when you see a really cute baby or puppy and you feel the desire to bite it or eat it (I know, weird, and 99.99% of us never actually would but for some reason we want to) because just looking at it and even snuggling isn’t enough? That is how I feel about music. It makes me hungry, like I need it in my body. Some people see me dance and they say “Wow, you have so much energy!” But I say, “No, this isn’t me, this is what the music is doing to me.” In my natural habitat you will find my body quite still- it is usually my mind that is active and my body that is passive. But when the music comes on, it is like a switch gets flipped inside of me and I can feel my cells and my blood and muscles and bones come alive. And the only way I can feel satiated is by experiencing the music in my body. And to be honest, some days after class I think it might kill me. Or at least leave me feeling hungover from the physical and emotional outpouring with the need to eat and sleep and recover. But I can’t take it easy. My soul won’t let me, even when my body tires. The music holds me hostage for that hour of class and I, its willing captive, dance until there’s nothing left of me, so depleted yet so full. Music…is there anything more life affirming?

Written by Kali Lindner, Creator and Founder of OULA Fitness

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