T U N E . O U T /// T U N E . I N
April 13, 2017

If anyone knows me, you know that I’m always “tuned in” to my phone or my computer. At anytime, day or night, you will most likely find me on one of these devices. I love social media, I love news, I love work – and sometimes I don’t know when to stop….Even on vacation I have one of these devices nearby. Heaven forbid I should miss something!!

Then OULAcation Baja 2017 happens. The resort is fabulous- as you can see from the picture – Pure Magic!!! The people, the staff, everything amazing. And there is internet, but only in a few areas – oh no!!! How can I check my phone at any given moment??? Oh no, I forgot my computer and now I’m at the magical internet area – should I run back to my Casa and get it???

You know what happened? I Tuned Out.
As the days passed from one glorious day to the next – I let myself let go. By the end of the vacation I often couldn’t find my phone. It would be left on a counter somewhere back at the Casa as I strolled the beach and swam in the crystal blue Pacific. My computer ended up on a dark lonely shelf in a closet never to be touched. I Tuned Out so I could Tune In

I Tuned In to myself – to the moment, to the place, to my friends. I sunk my toes in the warm sand. I listened to the ocean lapping at my feet. I felt the warm Baja breezes caress my skin. And I listened to the lovely sound of women’s voices laughing in the distance.

I survived. The world didn’t end. Work continued without me. Family continued without me. My devices didn’t need me.
I feel better tuned now.
I guess sometimes you do have to Tune Out in order to Tune In ❤️

-Written by Bernice Brown Johnston


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