/// I T S . M O R E . T H A N . J U S T . D A N C E ///
August 31, 2017

We just had to share a story that Micah (an OULA instructor from Helena, MT) shared with all of the OULA instructors today. She was able to put into words one of the best parts about being an OULA Instructor. She said it perfectly, “It’s more than just dance.” We agree. If you have ever thought about becoming an OULA Instructor, there is no better time than now. Read this story or reach out to any OULA Instructor to find out why teaching OULA can have such a positive impact on you and the lives of the people around you.

“Today I had an absolutely unexpected heart filling moment! I teach at a studio in Helena on the walking mall. I also clean that studio a couple times a week. Today I was cleaning the front windows, jamming out with my headphones in and a woman who I have never met and has never been to OULA grabbed my arm (totally startled and scared the crap out of me). Once I got composed and turned my music off, I asked her what I could help her with assuming that she needed a restaurant recommendation or directions since there is a lot of tourist traffic there. Instead, she leaned in close and asked “are you Micah?” I was a little confused but told her I was and she introduced herself to me as the mother of one of my favorite participants. Amanda her daughter is going into her junior year of high school and has been coming to my class for a few months… we are kindred spirits. She went on to tell me that her daughter raves about OULA and loves my class and me, which all felt great, but then she started tearing up and said, “I set Amanda up here at Dancing Lotus because I wanted her to have an outlet, high school is so hard, and I just had to let you know that she feels safe here. Like she can come and be herself.” we both started crying. I assured her that I love her kid and how amazing she is… yada yada. We hugged and she made to keep walking and then stopped and said, “I want you to know that what you’re doing is more than just dance, it’s important”…. I am so glad I decided to wear my insturctor shirt and OULA hat to clean today, I think that’s how she recognized me.

I don’t know who your ‘Amanda’ is or what they might be going through but what you’re doing is important, you are reaching someone on a level you don’t even know about. I was blessed to hear that today and I hope you guys know it too.”

-Micah Fiske

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