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September 15, 2017
“I’ve learned is how critically important a supportive community is.”
Julie Cahill, a great friend of the Oula Studio here in Missoula, just completed the training process. Julie’s been dancing with us since January and is now on her way to be a Rockstar Instructor!
Julie shared this video with the Missoula mentorship group, and it was so powerful to see a dear friend find so much strength from her trainee and mentorship experience.
Thank you Julie, for sharing this video with us!
If you’re in the Missoula area, we’ll be hosting another training here in early October! We would really love for you to join us for the full weekend training, or the Immersion on Saturday!
Here’s the link to our training page: https://oulafitness.staging.wpengine.com/teacher-trainings/ You can read more about trainings, and sign up!

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