/// O U L A C A T I O N . 2 0 1 8 ///
April 18, 2018

Back in the fall, when I finally committed to OULAcation, there was no way for me to know that the Missoula winter would be so long or just how much I would need the break. But somehow, intuition perhaps, I knew I would need it for more than just surviving the winter, but also for the truly wonderful experience it would turn out to be.
There’s an indescribable feeling that one experiences when you leave winter behind, shedding the whites and grays for vivid blues and greens. It’s almost electric when you feel that first caress of warm air on bare skin; inhaling the hot, dry air and realize you’ve escaped!  Upon arriving in Mexico I was giddy with the knowledge that I had four whole days of tropical breezes, warm sunny days and OULA!
It turned out that my giddiness continued everyday upon waking up to peachy pink sunrises and the cacophony of the bird’s crepuscular activities.  It was the knowledge that our early morning Oula.One sessions in the warm sun and slight breeze would fully wake up my body and center my spirit. It was the anticipation of afternoons spent by the water talking, laughing, dancing, singing, swimming, reading, eating, and drinking… just doing what I needed to do. It was the excitement of dancing to some of the best playlists that Kali and crew could pull together; whether knowing the songs or not knowing the songs, it didn’t matter because we were alive and full of joy in that moment.  It was the realization that at no time in my life had I spent so much time solely in the company of women who accepted and supported me. The positive feminine energy was undeniable and so comforting that as I write now I feel bereft without it.
To say that OULAcation was everything a vacation should be is a complete understatement. It was so much more than this…those days at Gran Sueño were magical!  
P.S Did I mention the laughing?  SO much laughing I was hoarse for days!!

-Julie C, Missoula

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