/// O U L A . A N D . T H E . 4 . E L E M E N T S ///
May 18, 2018

I want to talk about and share with you one of the big “behind-the-scenes” aspects of OULA and how playlists are created. For a long time, I have kept these pieces of OULA more or less out of the way that we talk about this program.
Sometimes it will come up in trainings, workshops, retreats, etc., but for the typical participant at class this is mainly left out the way we talk about this class to you all. Lately it has felt more and more like a secret that needs to be shared.
So here we go…
OULA works with the 4 elements in how we create flow, build energy, experience release and leave feeling lighter than when we walked in the door. How do we do this? Well here is a brief overview of the elements:
1. EARTH- The Earth elements relates to the first chakra (located at the base of the spine),and is connected to matters around home, family, security, grounding, sense of place and belonging.
2. WATER- The Water element relates to the second chakra (located between the naval and the pubic bone), and is connected to matters around sexuality, sensuality, movement, relationships, change and pleasure.
3. FIRE- The Fire element relates to the third chakra (located at the solar plexus), and is connected to matters around power, will, aggression, and transformation.
4. AIR- The Air element relates to the fourth chakra (located at the heart), and is connected to matters around love, openness, receiving, peace and breath.
Ok, now let’s talk about how this relates to a playlist.
EARTH-We start class by coming into our bodies, into the physical place and space of class, and establish that connection between the group and ourselves, the belonging. We oftentimes have movements that make us feel safe and at home in our bodies.
WATER- After we’ve awakened the physical body and warmed up, we then transition into the water element. These songs usually have more of a sexy/sensual vibe, include lots of hip movements (where the 2nd chakra resides) and sometimes have the title “water” in them— think Water Me, Cake by the Ocean, Written in the Water, etc.
FIRE-Ok, here we are hitting the emotional and physical height of our playlist. These songs are powerful and ask us to tap into our strength, power and determination. Think: Just like Fire, The Fire, Power, Lash Out, Warrior, etc.
AIR-After we’ve burned through the fire, we find a sense of resolution with songs that relate to the element air. Remember the location of the heart chakra is at the heart, which also includes the lungs and arms. This is usually where in the playlist we open our arms wide, look up at the sky and feel a beautiful sense of release. The emphasis is also usually on love. Think: So Much More Than This, Sun Comes Up, Next to Me, etc.
Not all playlists will follow this exact guide, but this is the overarching theme of an OULA playlist. I hope this is helpful for you all, and gives you a different way to look at the OULA Class Curve.
Our new song for this week is FLAMES by Sia and David Guetta. Can you guess where it will go in the playlist? 🙂

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