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January 3, 2018

Hello Online OULA Tribe!

Happy New Year! We are so exited for 2018 for many reasons, but a big one is because we have created a new online studio to create the best online experience for you that we can! A new camera, a new angle and a new platform on Vimeo.
Please visit our new studio at this link and enjoy a 2 week free trial:

We are sure you will love our new home for Oula Online, but please let us know on the forum page (https://oulaonline.vhx.tv/forums/general) after you’ve had a chance to dance with us!
Ok, now here’s what you need to do with your Powhow account and videos:
1. If you are an active subscriber to our Powhow account, you need to actually go in and cancel your subscription. We can not do this for you, you have to do this in your account settings.
2. We won’t be adding any more videos to our Powhow channel but we will be keeping it live for the month of January so that you have a whole month to download any videos that you have purchased or that are your favorites before we close down the studio. You download videos by clicking “download video” in the bottom right hand corner of the video.
3. Please email us at subscriptions@oulafitness.com with any questions or if you need any help!
Now, moving onto Vimeo! Some of you have asked us about the different options for purchasing, downloads, etc. So here’s the rundown:
1. To gain access to ALL videos, we have a subscription option for 9.99/month. These videos will NOT be downloadable. But…. every single video that is part of the subscription is also available for individual purchase so if you have a favorite video and you know you’re going to be away from Wifi, you can go and purchase it for $5 and it’s yours forever.
2. All videos will be organized by format (OULA, OULA-Power and Oula.One) to make it quick and easy to find what you want.
3. There is a “search” button so you can even search for a favorite instructor and class in seconds.
4. The site is much quicker and more user-friendly, with a fantastic support service from Vimeo for any questions about your account, videos and functionality.
Ok! Let’s do this! Go dance!
Happy New Year, friend!
The OULA Fitness Team

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