/// M Y . T R I B E ///
May 23, 2018

I’m terrible at taking pictures sometimes so this is all I’ve got to look back on the amazing weekend I just had.
But I don’t need pictures, because I have this amazing feeling in my heart that will stay with me. I’m still feeling so blessed and emotional from spending a weekend surrounded by like minded, amazingly supportive, beautiful women. I felt so supported, safe, and held as we explored how to grow and share together.
It was amazing and I can’t wait to share this beautiful Oula thing with a whole new community. I miss being surrounded by my sisters and being able to walk into the gym or studio and immediately get a whole bunch of hugs, but how special will it be once I’ve created that in a new place?! I’m so lucky to have this opportunity and I have the most amazing team of women supporting me!
So watch out Gillette, Oula is coming for you 😘💖
I know I didn’t tag everyone, but I’m SO thankful for all of the new friendships!
-Cassie, Gillette, WY
Cassie attended our Advanced Training followed by an instructor training weekend with us in Billings, MT. It’s so inspiring to hear these words from a veteran instructor after being part of the training process again. Best wishes in Gillette, Cassie, and we can’t wait to see the tribe you find there!