// M Y . S U R F I N G . A N A L O G Y //
March 5, 2018

Recently when I’ve had new people in classes, I’ve described the Oula Experience as similar to going surfing for the first time. You look around and you think “how did everyone learn to stand up on this thing?” as you struggle to even get from your belly up to your knees and maybe onto your feet before you fall into the water. But, as you watch the others around you catch their waves, even just watching them you can see how. good. it. must. feel. Surfing has been described as a meditative experience and you long to feel that way- waiting for that wave to catch you, to feel the rush of energy and motion and maybe even bliss. But most people don’t catch a wave on their first time out surfing. And maybe not even on their 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 10th time out surfing. But they are outside. They are in water with the sun shining down on them. They aren’t at work or running errands or or stuck in traffic. They are outside learning a new and difficult skill, but the reward is so, so good. So next time you or someone else in class is feeling frustrated that they just can’t get it… remind yourself or them that they are surrounded by community, listening to good music, and doing something so healthy and nourishing for their body + mind + soul… even if they aren’t “getting” all of the moves. But, just like surfing, soon enough they will catch that “wave” of energy, when the music and the movement just take the body, and you will feel it. The magic. The moving meditation. The incredible release and rush. It will happen. But like all good things, it may just take a little time.