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February 14, 2018

We got back late last night from 6 days in the Twin Cities. In those 6 days, my almost 11-month old baby no longer takes a binky or a bottle and sleeps through the whole night. Um…. what????? I am seriously married to the most amazing dad and supportive husband. Honestly without him and his encouragement, love, support and understanding of what Oula is and why it means so much to me and others, we wouldn’t be here. He never makes me feel guilty or bad for being gone as much as I am. I have enough guilt myself that if I felt it from my partner, too, I don’t think I could do it. I talk a lot about myself and my personal journey with Oula, but I don’t usually talk about the role he has played in all of this. It has been a true partnership to make this happen from day one, so I thought I should introduce you all to him. 
He is pictured here in Tanzania where the business he owns (www.sentineloutdoorinstitute.com) hosts trainings. He is heading back again this spring for a few weeks. He’s a much better single dad than I am mom—- so send help!!! 😬😂)

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