Live the Song of YOUR Life!
January 8, 2017



Happy 2017 to you all–our wonderful tribe! We are so excited for another year together—dancing, connecting, loving and growing more happy, healthy and whole. We all know how much fun it is to dance together, and this past year, especially, I have been spending time researching sound, specifically sounds made together as a group. Because whenever we have those moments of magic in class, where everyone’s bodies and voices come together for this incredible moment that literally feels like euphoria, I keep asking myself “What exactly IS THAT?” We know that amazing things happen when we dance together—I mean, that is why I created Oula six and a half years ago. But what I didn’t know was that there are several studies that show that when a whole group sings together, the different body rhythms of the group start to sync up and the group as a collective builds up a strong resonance field, resulting in feeling more connected with members of the group, their own heart and a deeper sense of purpose in life. What’s even more incredible than this, is that further research shows that when we combine these two things- dancing and our voices- and collectively move and make sound with a group, the benefits of both of these becomes even more amplified! By doing Oula together, dancing our dance and singing our song, we are literally helping to heal one another. How incredible is that?

With that being said, I would like to introduce you to our collective theme for the next 3 months. Welcome to the BEATS COLLECTION – in our lives and in our merchandise (ooh, that’s the next post!). When we talk about the importance of song in our lives and in OULA, we begin with the BEAT. Anyone who has gone through an Oula Teacher Training knows that our weekend starts with simply identifying the beat of the music. Hearing it, listening for changes in its patterns, and noticing how it affects us in our emotional and physical bodies. The beat is our guide throughout class. The beat directs our bodies to move with a certain defined cadence. The rhythm and the beat of music is essential, not only in song, but in our lives. What is the first thing a baby hears in utero? The beat of their mother’s heart! The human heartbeat, when beating just the right way can calm us or energize us – just as it does in song.

In order to Live the Song of YOUR Life, you must deeply know your Beat, which is unique to you alone and is yours alone. We encourage you in the next few months to explore your BEAT – where were you born, where you came from, what and who shaped you the most and how did they shape you. Life situations, both beautiful and painful that all weave together to form the foundation for the song of YOUR life. As you explore your own beat, we hope you also delve into what songs or moments in OULA most connect you to your beat, your foundation, your history. That rhythm when we step or stomp in a certain way and suddenly we’re thrown back to a time and place – we feel that connection with our fellow dancers and with our own history.

Our song matters, our voices are meant to be heard and there is a void in the symphony of life if we keep our song inside. Your voice matters not only in your own lives, but in Oula, both in this forum and in your classes.

We have so many amazing things in store for you this year, but we are also very excited to have your songs, your voices and your dialogues lead the direction of this group. Trust that we want to hear you, that your stories and lives matter and that without you, there is no song. Without you, Oula is just physical movements to music. You give it its voice, its heart, its song, which has become so beautiful, so full of melodies and harmonies, and so special. Thank you and cheers to an amazing year ahead!

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