/// K E E P . C O M I N G . B A C K . T O . T H E . M U S I C ///
October 2, 2017

Welcome to the last quarter of 2017. We have absolutely loved going on this journey throughout the year with you… connecting with each other and music, exploring ourselves and relationships, finding our voices through lyrics and sharing of ourselves and our stories… oh and of course the epic dance parties!!!

BE THE SONG // We let you all sit with this for a day so that you could explore what this means to you. Did it bring up any images, thoughts, feelings, or intentions you want to set for yourselves for these next few months? For me, BE THE SONG asks me to continue to strive to live my most authentic and full life. What if we, personally and as a community, spend these next three months by striving to comfort, inspire and unite the way that music does… what would that look like? To be so full of life and love that it makes others want to sing and dance? To be honest and real in our emotions and story telling so that others can relate and feel united in our humanness? What if we all worked a little bit harder to appreciate the harmonies and melodies of our own experiences and those of others, a little more forgiving of wrong notes and a bit more appreciative that everyone experiences a song differently?

Waking up to the horrors of Las Vegas this morning just confirmed to me, even further, how important it is to come together and love one another. Thousands of people gathered in a city that hosts the most phenomenal musicians, performers and artists every single day and one person, due to the pain and darkness he must have been living took the lives of so many that came together for music. These souls traveled from all over the world to be in the presence of artists whose songs have comforted them on their darkest days and helped them celebrate some of their lives greatest moments. These people, I am sure from all walks of life, came together for music. To experience, together, the incredible gift that happens when the energy of the music and the energy of a sea of people experience a song together…it is pure magic. Eyes closed, bodies swaying, singing our own stories to the sound of the artist’s voice. These have been some of my most cherished and soul-stirring moments of my life.

We can not let the pain, fear and darkness dim the light. We must continue to unite through music, knowing that it can help our souls feel connected in ways very few other things can. If it feels hard to find common ground right now with your fellow people, or to make sense of what is happening in the world, . Be the song that others can relate to. Tell the true and hard stories and then listen very hard and carefully to the stories of others. Make your life your art and share it with anyone who needs it. Because it is needed. Be the song that comforts and inspires and unites. Be the song in a world of noise. Be the song.

Thank you, all of you, for being a part of this beautiful community. Please share your songs with us as you live this intention however it feels best to you.

Sending lots of love to all today.


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