I’ve never looked back… by Kara Coco
April 9, 2019

7 years ago, I tried OULA for the very first time and I’ve never looked back! OULA is SO much more than a workout, it is a community, it is therapy. In a world so focused on outwardly appearances, OULA is special because the focus is always about how you FEEL and never about how you LOOK . OULA has seen me through some of the best and worst times of my life. It’s pushed me to grow. I’ve danced through feelings of immense joy, incredible pain, unbearable stress, intense anger, utter confusion and earth-shattering heartbreak. OULA welcomes that. I’ve laughed and sang with joy at the same place I’ve cried actual tears on the dance floor. I’m emotional AF you guys, where other places find it inappropriate to emote, OULA lets you let it out with no judgement ever. OULA has not only strengthened me physically. It’s strengthened me mentally, and emotionally. It truly is full body wellness. I am grateful for OULA in helping me live through the music and I’m so very thankful for the tribe of beautiful people OULA has brought into my life. Thank you Oula Fitness for being a part of my life, thank you to all of you beautiful OULAkins for always being so supportive. XO Coco 

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