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January 3, 2018

Happy New Year, friends!!! 2017 was a big year for a lot of us. There were really great times like my new baby, Piper Love, who joined us in Baja for the OULACATION when she was only 3 weeks old in April. What could have been an incredibly stressful situation (traveling and working internationally with very little sleep and a tiny baby attached to my body pretty much at all times) turned out to be so amazing, surrounded by aunties who made me realize only further the importance of tribe and the incredible people who make up the Oula community. We added Michelle to our office team who has been a rock and a rockstar, a grounding force to the craziness that can be Bernice, Staci and myself (what???). We grew our amazing tribe of instructors with trainings in Billings, Missoula, the Twin Cities, Los Angeles and Seattle.
We had a really wonderful and full year as a collective, too, but it wasn’t without its struggles. The world saw a lot of hardship, with mass shootings, devastating natural disasters and heartbreaking hate that at many times took my breath away and shook me to my core. But through this all, through the joy and through the pain, we danced. And we danced hard. My dancing took on a whole new meaning this year. The lyrics I screamed beside you and with you took on a whole new importance, the belly laughter came more freely, and the sweat was, well, just as sweaty as always! On that note… I can not wait for 2018!!!!
So…unfortunately we were hoping to launch our website today with all of our new and exciting changes and new beginnings for this year, but our developers need a few more days to make sure the site is glitch-free for you. Bummer, but oh well, it’s coming very soon! So, we have decided to launch each of our new goodies every day until the website goes live!
Today… dun dun dun DUUUUUUNNN…you get new merchandise (Staci’s post to follow) and a new online studio! YAY!!!!! Go on over there and take a look for yourself! I’ve filmed a little tour for you (see comments below) so you can find your way easily around the site. I think you’ll love the ease of use, new camera angle and a much cleaner and organized studio. Take a look, dance a dance and tell us what you think!
Thanks so much for a great year, and cheers to what’s coming ahead!

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