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February 27, 2017


A fetus starts to hear at about 24 weeks of gestation, with the first sounds being mostly low-frequency sounds, like its mother’s heartbeat and the melody and rhythm of her voice. This sound then becomes imprinted into the baby’s brain, and continues to be significant in soothing the newborn after she/he’s left the womb. And, fascinating enough, just by looking and smiling at one another, a mother and her baby’s heart beats can instantly synchronize. How beautiful is that?

Our original “beat” is literally the heart beat of our mother, and whether you are left or right-handed, most people hold babies on their left side, where the baby can be soothed by the sound of a heart beating. This is not something we as humans learn or teach one another– to hold babies on our left side–but it is innate body wisdom.

xxx. H E A R T B E A T. R H Y T H M. I N. M U S I C. xxx

In my research about all of this, I found interesting article about heartbeat rhythm in music. Here are my favorite parts:

“There are so many different varieties of music all over the world. There is the raw sound of the drums for certain societies, to a more festive type of drumbeat by the Japanese traditional drummers. The different beats can also be found in the symphonies of Beethoven and Mozart to the rhythms of even the Beatles. When we listen to this music closely, it is not difficult to recognize some resemblance of the music’s beat to a heartbeat. It seems as though the more simple the sounds, the stronger the resemblance.

If this is the case, since humans made this music, it could be that the sounds came from the souls of the heart and mind (brain), as it was imprinted in the fetus. This prenatal information of the mother’s heartbeat was probably utilized unconsciously, and molded into a beautiful piece of music.

When babies who are barely able to sit, clap and wave their hands to the sounds of music, and the older children who are barely able to stand, shake their hips and hum to the sounds of music, it must be that they have a base where they are able to go to for feeling the emotional charge of music. It could be the same place where the sounds of the heartbeat were imprinted into the brain.

In the long history of mankind, this connection with music and the heartbeat could be a seed that was planted in the fetus, while in the mother’s womb, as s/he heard the sounds through his/her ears. Music is something that is not age sensitive, and no matter how old you are, it is something that moves one’s heart, and has the magical power to stir up emotions. This music, which starts from the heartbeat of the mother, is such a large part of any culture, macro- or micro-, and has such a significant effect on the development of our future, our children.”


(Written by Kali Lindner, creator and founder of OULA Fitness)

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