/// G I R L . G A N G ///
May 11, 2018

Let’s talk about Girl Gang and bigger than that, female empowerment. One of the things that I am most passionate about is helping women in particular reclaim their self-worth, develop a deep trust for themselves, their bodies and each other, find their voices and speak their truths… and to find the process enjoyable! That is a lot of the work that I try to do with Oula.
So with a song like Girl Gang, I want to be very clear that this is not to be exclusive towards men. The lyrics “I know the patriarch don’t fit the part what I’m gonna start” is more about what we’re talking about here. The patriarchal society isn’t healthy for either sex, in my opinion. It blames men, it unequally distributes value and worth and it keeps both sexes from truly living in the most full ways possible. Families, communities, societies, businesses, etc. all can benefit from women rising up to their power and valuing their worth. This isn’t anti-guy at all. This is 100% full-on humanity, and you will notice in MANY of our songs we are finding a balance between the yin and the yang, the soft and the hard, the light and the dark, the feminine and the masculine.
If songs like this still rub you the wrong way or feel exclusive, try thinking about it like this: Imagine that there is a woman in your class (and I guarantee you there is) that feels powerless and maybe even worthless in her personal life/work life/relationship/etc. She wants change but she doesn’t know how to get it. For whatever reason her voice has been silenced and her belief in herself is low. Now imagine that when this song comes on, she begins to whisper the lyrics “I got fight, I got heart, I got the strength to tear it apart, I got bite, I got brains, I got the grace and power to reign” And maybe that whisper becomes a voice or a sound that she doesn’t even recognize as her own. And then by singing or screaming these lyrics, while moving her body, she gets just enough courage to begin to make other movements in her life. Movements towards balance, movement towards growth. Movements towards the life she is worthy of… that is why we do theses songs.
Thanks for listening to this working mom, business-owning, family-loving, rooter for equality.

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