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May 17, 2017

Hi everyone! We mentioned last week about how we are making exciting new changes to our ONLINE STUDIO, but we are still figuring out how to iron out the kinks. (Thanks for being patient with us)

We have not been able to upload 3 classes per week, like we usually do, so while we are figuring out our new angles with our higher resolution cameras and noise canceling microphones, we decided to offer you:

Access to over 400 online OULA classes
New class additions each week
ALL FOR JUST $9.99 per MONTH!!!!

That’s half price! We know you will love our new and improved Online OULA Studio! So go crazy! Download, watch, and keep as many videos as you want! And as long as you are subscribed to our monthly package, you will continue getting new videos as we are able to upload them!

And don’t forget, we will be doing guest appearances from OULA instructors all across the country! So stay tuned for all of our exciting updates, and now for even less!

Thank you for dancing with us!
We love staying connected! #oulatribe




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