December 14, 2017

Karen attended the last OULA training in Los Angeles, CA. Here’s what she had to say about her experience

So, here’s my reality check and the questions I am starting to ask myself when I begin feeling this way: What are my priorities? Are my priorities about getting recognition, likes and followers, and praise? Or am I doing my work to truly create change?

“I don’t know how it is possible to feel so exhausted but so exhilarated at the same time! Last night I was tired but could not sleep because I felt so energized and kept thinking about all the messages that Kali and Bernice and Staci instilled in us. One that stuck was the idea that society constantly tells us to be smaller, but what happens when you get bigger and take up more space, how does that feel?

Well, it feels amazing and empowering. I really think this format is the secret to world peace — this experience made 10 people who
were total strangers two days ago share some of the deepest feelings in their hearts.

It is truly incredible how connected I feel…. On Saturday morning we were asked why we signed up for this training, and whatpopped in my head is that Oula makes me feel the way I did when I danced as a kid — totally unihibited and free.

When I was little, my family would go to Shakey’s pizza on Fridays,
and while my brothers played video games, I would dance on the fireplace in front of the whole restaurant! I don’t know what in life
happens to us that we stop feeling free enough to do be ourselves, but Oula gives that feeling back to me! Thank you! Last thought —
I turned 40 this year and as I get older I realize I am tired of being afraid of things! It takes so much more energy to be scared or be
worried or nervous than it takes to just DO THE THING THAT SCARES YOU! So proud of all of us who did something very scary
today. We experienced life, and it was beautiful!”

– Karen Duryea

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