December 29, 2017

I was scrolling through IG the other day and stopped on a photo from a popular account.  It was a beautiful woman, in a beautiful location, holding her beautiful baby.  It all looked so perfect.  Many of her several thousand followers commented on how much they loved her, loved her family, loved seeing photos of her life.  This woman is a wonderful person, who is very good at her craft, and clearly knows how to use social media to build a successful business, sell her product, and grow her community.  But something interesting happened when I was reading her comments.  It was all praise and adoration for her.  Looking at her photos, to be honest, I wanted to be her!!!  And I love my life!  Isn’t it weird and strange how all of this works?  These people can post photos of themselves, create “fans” and sell their products because we feel a connection or closeness to them simply because we are checking into their lives as we stand in grocery lines and lay in bed before getting up in the morning.

So, here’s my reality check and the questions I am starting to ask myself when I begin feeling this way:  What are my priorities?  Are my priorities about getting recognition, likes and followers, and praise?  Or am I doing my work to truly create change?  What about these photos are making me feel jealous, insignificant or less than?  Are these things true?  Because, ultimately I want my life and work to create good vibes that go outward, not that come back to me.  I want to be a catalyst for change.  That stuff is messy!!!  …And usually doesn’t photograph well. 🙂
So, if you’re scrolling through social media and it’s making you feel like your life isn’t as good as someone else’s, if peoples’ feeds are making you feel more jealous and less inspired…move on or unfollow, and put your phone down.  Count your blessings. Compliment yourself.  Look at your life and your loved ones and know that they are just as cute and wonderful as all of the beauty you see on your feed.
……  “I know I am doing my job well when people stop complimenting me. They come up to me now and they are not saying things like “You are such a good dancer” or “You look great.”… I know I am doing a good job when they speak to me about how THEY feel. When my presence or my energy or my work can simply be a reflection for people to more clearly see themselves, that’s when I know I am doing my job.”
– Kali

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