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August 17, 2017

Last night, I went to see Ben Harper. It was amazing, his energy was incredible and it was a great evening out for “me time” (per yesterday’s post—I’m trying!!! Although, I guess baby Pipes was using her pipes for a bit last night so I was trying to stay present and trust that her dad could handle the tears from a baby who has literally been nursed to sleep every night of her life. I made it almost to the end before I just couldn’t take it anymore and made Amanda Taylor leave a bit early with me. So…#balance)
Anyways, my point is, this guy in the photo was nearly as captivating to me as Ben Harper was. Completely out of the spotlight, without much recognition or credit, yet with such an important role in making sure that Ben and the Criminals sounded their best. The way that he studied the performers, the way he tuned in to their voices and their instruments and made small yet careful and important adjustments so that the intention behind the sound was projected the way the artists intended. My favorite part was watching the quick eye contact exchange between him and Ben throughout the show. A glance, a slight gesture from Ben, responded with an understanding nod and a quick tweak. It was almost like watching a dance. No words spoken, yet so much understood with the slightest of cues and connection.
And in watching this interaction, I thought of you all, my soft-spoken friends. It’s not just the loudest voice, the most idolized of speakers or of songs that are the most important. It is the unspoken word, the silent exchange that makes all of this work. So, please remember, as you are looking for your voice… it doesn’t have to be loud, it may not even be heard, but it still matters. It takes us all to make a song. There is incredible inspiration and power in silence.
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[Note- this post was created on July 19 and posted on August 17, 2017]

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