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Explore the dynamic and incredible mind-body relationship between your thoughts, emotions and physical health with a day with the OULA Fitness Team. Become more of the YOU you want to be.

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Upcoming Q1 Workshop

Using OULA, Oula.One, journaling, visualization and group work, we will begin to release what is
stuck and stagnant not only in our bodies but also in our lives.  There will be song and lyric interpretation, chakra work and lots of movement to integrate the whole being for deeper levels of healing.

I believe that crying with strangers has the power
to change the world.”

– Brene Brown –

 “Let the emotions bubble up. Let the chips fall where they may…the process of catharsis is not complete without saying things as the first step to experiencing things…To feel and understand means you have worked it all the way through. It has bubbled all the way to the surface. You’re integrating at higher and higher levels in the body, bringing emotions into consciousness. Once integrated, the natural wisdom of the receptors will release interrupted healing and restorative and regenerative processes can take over.  By simply acknowledging emotions, they are expressed. In being expressed, emotions can be released, even old emotions stored in body memory.  Allowing my emotions to surface into awareness and to be able to name my emotions is the beginning of emotional exploration.  I am moving forward, trying to find my position within the family, within the community, and in life.”  -Dr. Candace Pert
Who this workshop is for:

Anyone who would like to explore the mind-body connection, gain tools and explore ideas for owning their story in healthy and feel-good ways. No OULA experience necessary.

What to expect:
  • OULA
  • Oula.One
  • Song interpretation
  • Chakra work
  • Group share
  • Journaling
  • Visualization

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