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// F E E L . I T . T O . F R E E . I T //

The concept we will be exploring in this one-day, 6-hour workshop is the connection between the mind and the body and how we can use a variety of tools (movement, music, journaling, sharing, visualization, chakra work, etc.) to free what is stuck and stagnant in our bodies, causing us to feel stuck and stagnant in our lives, relationships or other areas of who we are. This workshop is entitled “Feel it to Free It” and our goal at the end of the day is for everyone to walk away feeling lighter and more free with greater sense of peace and purpose.

// F R O M . A R M O R . T O . A M O U R //

Love it or hate it, your body is is an outward expression of who you are. In this workshop, we will explore and learn more about how our bodies not only protect us (armor) but also signal to us subconscious messages that manifest physically. With a sense of curiosity, we will dive into the relationship with our bodies and how we can practice radical self-love (amour) and unconditional acceptance.

//  I N T O . T H E . L I G H T //

In the first two workshops this year, we dove deep into feelings, beliefs we hold about ourselves and our bodies and began to understand the stories that have shaped our lives, our relationships and our selves.  The third workshop of the year will now take us into the light, into our power.  What are your values, desires, fears and daydreams?  How do we move past the fear and blockages of our own resistance to the fire to move into the the truth of who we are?  Fire is purification and clarification.  Fire burns away what is no longer serving us and creates space for rebirth. This day will be a celebration of life. Of living. Of dreaming. Of no longer fearing our fire, but becoming it.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when [we] are afraid of the light.”

//  L E T . L O V E . I N //

Today will feel like the warm embrace of a dear friend.  This workshop will open space within yourself and within the group to be truly seen, heard, understood and loved.  Oftentimes we let fear of rejection, pain, misunderstanding and judgment keep us from truly letting love in, but today will help break down the barriers of protection we place around our hearts to truly let the love in.  Because there is so much love all around us and radiating from within us. Now we get the pleasure of truly enjoying it. <3

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