More About Our Workshops


Our current signature workshops, Foundation, Creation, Manifestation and Celebration, are a guided journey through the chakra system.  In each workshop, we work with a pendulum and affirmations to check in with and balance the energy of each chakra to get an understanding for where our energy is fluid and where it is stagnant.  We then use movement, journaling, group and partner activities, art and music to help with mindfulness of our patterns, habits and reactions.  All of this is intended to create health within the body and our energetic pathways, and within our lives and relationships for more mindfulness and, ultimately, enjoyment of our lives.

These workshops are designed for anyone interested in:

-Mental health
-Wellness and mindfulness
-Self-awareness and care
-Community and sharing
-Healing trauma and our wounded child
-Inspiration and motivation
-Relationships and parenting


This workshop is the foundation of our series and begins with the root chakra.  We dive into our roots, our family of origin and our perceived role in these relationships and our deep need for belonging.  We recognize that many of our source beliefs get hardwired during childhood and have lasting effects on how we value ourselves as individuals and in relationship.  The first step to making change is awareness, so much of this day is focused on tools for self-inquiry and exploration.


Our second workshop in this series focuses on the main themes of the sacral chakra:  power, creativity and sex.  This day is an exploration of the shadow side of the 2nd chakra, which often manifests as guilt and fear of losing control or need of maintaining it.  We explore our own relationship with power and control and how and why we develop habits that often become self-limiting.  We dig deep into our own personal “rule books” and how underneath these rules there is a primal fear.  Once we identify the source of our fears, we can then begin to release its control with mindfulness, self-love and trust and create space for creativity, more balanced relationships and trust.


This workshop is based on the 3rd chakra, our personal power center and core of the ego.  We ask the seemingly simple, yet often forgotten or ignored question:  What do I want?  Using very structured activities we map out how to tap into our personal power to live a life that is not just ok, but in right relationship with our higher self and desires.  By exploring the shadow of the 3rd chakra, shame, we release the power that this shadow has on us so that we can move into the light with awareness, acceptance and love.


The last workshop of this series is led to and through the heart.  We explore the wounded child within us all that keeps us in destructive emotional patterns that play out in our adult lives as jealousy, addiction, fear of failure, anger and fear of loneliness.  We work to heal these wounds and reframe our experiences with gratitude.  We recognize the power and importance of reciprocity, of giving and receiving love and comfort, and the importance of truly being seen.  There are many tears of forgiveness, comfort, love, joy and playfulness during this day!

Each workshop is a 6-hour experience and we are happy to combine activities from each of each of our 4 workshops to curate the experience that you wish to share with your community.  Please contact to schedule a workshop in your area.

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