September 11, 2019
Do you ever feel like you are too much? Not enough? Dominating? Irrelevant?

Sometimes after teaching class (sometimes in other areas of my life, but especially in class cuz that’s where I go apeshit 😂) I will think back on moments and cringe. Sometimes I ask myself “why can’t you just be more chill? Or cool? Or like XYZ…”

There’s a song in our current Oula.One release that says several time “give me heart and give me fire.” And when I hear these words I relax a little and cringe a little less. Because that’s what I bring. I bring my full heart and a whole lot of fire.

It takes all types, especially to make change. We need the people who charge through the door, break some shit on their way in and clear a path for others to come through this proverbial door to somewhere better. We need people who come though next and look around, grabbing hands of those who need it and whisper “it’s going to be ok.” We need people who come in afterwards and clean up after the mess of the wreckage and put it back together, differently, better. We need the people who stay out of the whole damn thing and send love and prayers and support and cheer us on from the sides. So whatever you are, whoever you are, you are needed. So ladies (and gents)- DO YOUR THANG!!! With no shame!

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