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December 29, 2017

Are you still trying to figure out what to say when people ask you what you want for christmas?
Or maybe you are wondering what to get your favorite OULAkin this holiday?🎁
OULA took care of all of those hard questions for you!!!

Did you know that you can buy credits for OULA experiences?!?!?!
That means if you want to attend a training next year, or the OULAcation, or one of our new 1 day mind-body workshops… well, then you can tell your family and friends to go to https://oulafitness.staging.wpengine.com/product/oula-experience-credit/ and put credits toward any OULA experience you want to attend!
🎄Credits start at $25, but your loved ones don’t need to hold back- They can put as much credit toward whatever/all the OULA experiences you want! Yay!
Happy holidays from OULA!!!!!! 🎅
We can’t wait to hang out with you next year!!!!