OULA Power

Warrior. Superhero. Powerhouse. Oh yeah, we’re talking to you. Work your bad self in our 45-minute conditioning class, then go take over the world.

OULA-Power is a 45 minute conditioning class that begins with an empowering warm up, followed some high energy cardio tracks to get the heart pumping, and then transitions into a series of conditioning tracks that focus on strengthening and toning using just our own body weight.  This class features moves from HIIT formats, pilates, yoga and dance conditioning classes, and is equally challenging and rewarding.  The music is carefully selected to inspire you to be bigger, better, faster, stronger!


“OULA-Power is a resistance workout that uses the body’s weight, consisting of moves that enhance  muscle strength, joint mobility,  and range of motion.   The class format is specifically designed to be available and accessible to all levels of fitness, that is, the participants do what they are physically able to do in order to get a good workout and a safe workout.  Numerous modifications are given and encouraged.  All areas of the body are addressed every class.  OULA Power is also very fun.  The music is well chosen to fit the choreography.  The body feels really good working and moving throughout class.   On-line classes are also available, so you can ‘take a class’ in your home without extra equipment.”  –Dr. Patricia Skergan, Chiropractic Physician, ACE Certified Group Fitness and Personal Training


At the urging of a friend, Amanda attended her first OULA class in the sAmanda.Director.3pring of 2011.  Before her first OULA class, she spent countless hours in gyms trying various workouts and classes, searching for a perfect fit.  Within minutes of her first OULA class, she knew that she had found what she was looking for, and she was hooked.  She became a certified OULA instructor in July of 2011 and an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer in April 2012.  In the summer of 2014, while Kali was very pregnant, she began assisting with the Power program and discovered she had a passion and talent for creating challenging, fun, and effective workouts. In February 2015, she became the Director of OULA-Power and is driven by a relentless desire to grow stronger and to help others achieve their fitness and life goals.