Let’s be Silly, Sing, Smile, and have FUN!!

The jr OULA® program is geared toward ages 4-11 and focuses on child appropriate music and movement while honoring the same basic OULA choreography and the inspiring OULA energy.

The Buzz

As an Oula lover myself, I was so excited when I found out about jr OULA for my daughter, Emma.  I started doing Oula during a time of change in my life, and realized that she was going through it too, and maybe something fun like this would be helpful…I was so right!  She walked into her first class with Lacie as a somewhat timid 4 year old, and walked out smiling from ear to ear and dancing the rest of the day!  A year later, we get her to class as much as we can, and she was lucky enough to be part of the camp this summer, which she loved.  I’ve seen her confidence soar as she’s found a place where she feels valued and included.  Lacie does an amazing job of being fun and upbeat, and reminding the kids to do the same.  I can tell Emma feels the same excitement in her classes as I feel in mine.  It’s been something that we’ve bonded over, with her often yelling at me in the car to “turn this up, it’s an Oula song!”  I LOVE that Oula includes everyone, of all ages, and am so happy that we both get to be a part of it.  Thanks Kali, Lacie and the whole Oula Family!  -Erin Hathaway-Proud Mom of a jr. Oula-kin!







Lacie took her first OULA class in 2010 and instantly fell in love with the music, the movement, and the community. Her love for OULA and a desire to share it with her son inspired her to create the jr OULA program in the fall of 2012. Lacie feels that she found exactly what she was meant to do. She believes in the ability for OULA to change lives at any age and is excited to continue to help OULA grow and spread health and happiness to the world.