We are so excited to introduce you to one of favorite new OULA Instructors Sam Riordan. You may see her face around The OULA Studio subbing for our fabulous instructors if you are in Missoula. And for those of you that are out-of-town you have the wonderful opportunity to take a class from her through our online classes on PowHow.

Here is a bit more about this little ball of energy:


Hi! My name is Sam Riordan. I’m a Missoula native, just finishing up my last year of grad school. I’m an athletic trainer, mostly for hockey and lacrosse, and an EMT. I’m also a volleyball coach for Zootown Volleyball club. I have all these things I love to do and Oula is the PERFECT addition. I first attended Oula when my childhood friend Jeni Comstock, asked me to go to one of her classes at campus Rec. I went for a few months but stopped going when I had to start going alone. It wasn’t until last summer that I returned to Oula. This time I started because I was having a hard time maintaining a happy, hopeful spirit. I was looking for something different. My first class at the studio had me sold… that I needed Oula in my life. I’ve always dealt with many self doubts and Oula makes me feel powerful and strong. I decided to become an Oula instructor to share that energy with others who need it. Especially the young ladies I work with every day! 🙂 

1- What is your favorite before OULA snack or ritual?

Rolling out of bed and waking up with Oula to start my day 🙂 

2- What was the first concert you ever went to?

When I was in third grade my family and my best friend’s family went to Britney Spears! She had Aaron Carter and Ateens opening up for her then and I think I thought my life couldn’t get any better after that day! 🙂 I still love Britney. My sister and I brought my mom to see her in Vegas last year. 

3- Who inspires you?

I’ve noticed that I have different people that inspire me in each aspect of my life. My boss is active in working on improving Montana’s Concussion Legislation, among many other tasks nationally and locally. Professionally, if I could accomplish a tenth of what she does… I would be happy. I’m also a EMT and my instructor throughout this course was also one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. She is strong, tough, empathetic, and smart. Her capabilities and her spirit, in the face of constant adversity, amaze me. Kali is another source of inspiration for me! She is so confident with everything she does. She allows us to see so much of her and doesn’t appear to be vulnerable when she does. She is able to capture every emotion in her choreography and connect it to each one of us. Lastly, of course, my mom. She’s always been my hero. She works hard and is my sister and I’s best friend. She would do anything for anyone! All my inspiring people are females in my life… sorry dad… you’re inspiring too! 🙂

4- Do you have a hidden talent?

The ability to make any moment an awkward one. 

5-What is something that you always have in your fridge?

Milk! Not because I love it… I actually hate milk. I have a daily, dying need for cereal. 

6- If you had a yacht, what would you name it?

Hakuna Matata 

7-What is your favorite gas station treat?

Yogurt pretzels! Or Airhead Extreme Bites… try them. 

8-What is your least favorite household chore?

Doing dishes! I hate reaching my hand in that nasty water. Ew! 

9-What app do you use the most on your phone?

Probably Instagram…. 🙂

10-Do you have a favorite quote or song lyric?

I love Gregory Alan Isakov. “Threw stones at the stars but the whole sky fell”