When I was three years old, my mother put me in dance classes. She said I had started accosting other kids on the street to be my friend because my sisters are older!  So I started in ballet and later added jazz.  As a very shy child, dance was one place where I could feel confident. As an adult I have found my confidence, but I was still nervous to start OULA. I was nervous to look sexy. Nervous to act confident. When I started OULA two years ago I had not exercised in quite a while. I was one of those thin people that wasn’t in shape. I put all my energy into my family and my career, cosmetology. I love both but something had to give.  I wasn’t really doing that self care thing.  I have a ten year old daughter and a seventeen year old stepdaughter that lived with us.  My stepdaughter is great, but very intense. It took all of my energy to make her happy. I needed an outlet! A friend encouraged me to try OULA so I decided to join her.  After the first class I was sold! I was so sore and sweaty but nothing had made me so happy in a long time. I started coming Wednesday and Friday mornings and now do Power on Thursdays sometimes. OULA is my exercise, therapy, confidence booster and emotional release all in one! It has gotten me through tough times with life, with my spouse and with my stepdaughter. I have bawled in class. And loved it! I am a type one diabetic so exercising has improved my health tremendously. I was a smoker when I started and got through quitting last February. I know OULA gave me the strength to get through that. Now I breathe so much easier in class! Last year we lost a family member to suicide and OULA helped so much. The song High Hopes would break me every time. I would cry through it and feel more put together afterwards. OULA has honestly made me a stronger woman. I have shown my daughters that girls can be tough. And sexy. Tough is more important, but we have to be able to express our sexuality as well. My stepdaughter now lives in Washington with her mother, but before she moved she saw that I could commit to improving myself. Through quitting smoking and working out I impressed her! That’s not an easy feat! A coworker asked if I was sore after every class and I said yes but I love it! I knew I would eventually find exercise that I loved as much as I loved those dance classes in my youth. I know I will go through other rough moments in my life that OULA will help me through. I am finally addicted to something healthy! I have a friend that I got to come and now she’s a regular too. I try to get all my friends to come. Even my husband sees the improvement in my overall success and always encourages me to go to class. It keeps me positive, keeps my glass half full. Thank you Kali and the OULA community for creating an atmosphere that fits my needs! Irreplaceable! – Loni