This was written by Kali Lindner just after giving birth to her daughter, Piper Love, but this message applies to us all. I hope you read this as if it were written just for you.

My dear girl,
May you always know how loved you are. But more importantly, may you know that you are love, and the secret to life is to give as much of it away as you can. It won’t leave you empty, but more full than you can imagine.

My littlest one,
May your life here on this beautiful planet be of benefit to all and give back so much more than the resources it requires to sustain your humanly life. Please be grateful for it all and give thanks for your blessings.

My little p,
May you live a happy life. But even bigger than that, may you find deep meaning in your life and pursue experiences that happiness can only scratch the surface of.

My love,
You are born into good fortune. This does not make you better than anyone else, but it does require that you give more, do more, share more and feel more compassion for those with less than you. Luck is a funny thing. You are lucky, but what you do with it is up to you.

My angel,
I will never stop loving you, but others may fall in and out of love with you, or come in and out of your life, and you with theirs. Don’t let it turn your heart cold or make you afraid of the pain of loss. Keep your heart open and know you are beyond worthy of love. Try to always use your experiences (both joyful and painful) as an opportunity to self-reflect and evolve into the ‘you’ that you are destined to be.

My little lightning bug,
Please always believe in yourself and what you are capable of. Please don’t place your self worth in superficial things that the world wants you to believe are important. I will do my best to raise you to know your power, to value your intelligence and to be a lover of life in all of its messy glory.

Thank you for choosing me to be your mom, Piper Love. Welcome to this wonderful world. 

*born March 16th at 2:16am. 7lbs 4oz, 19.5″

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