Yesterday we had the honor of doing our ‘Let Love In’ workshop with a beautiful group of women in Billings.

A friend shared something that was super impactful for me that I can’t stop thinking about. When I saw her on Saturday for the Oula.One Master Class she was just radiating. You know those people, the ones that just sparkle? That was was totally her. And she’s always been shiny, but this time she was absolutely sparkling. Then on Sunday she was talking about how much work she’s been doing lately on self-love. And I just loved how you could literally SEE it!

So this got me thinking… what if we shared self-love tips with each other instead of beauty tips? Or at least what if asking the questions like “Wow, you are radiant! What kind of work are you doing on your heart?” were as normal as “What brand is your lipstick?”