I was talking on the phone to one of my soul sisters this weekend. English is not her first language, yet somehow her words go straight to my heart. I mentioned something in the minutiae about one of my kids, something I felt worried about, and she said “zoom out!” She went on to give me incredible parenting advice, but what I want to share here are her 2 words that hit me so hard and profoundly: zoom out.

These two words made me really think about where in my life I can or need to zoom out. Where can I shift my focus on the bigger, more beautiful picture? Where can I include more space in which me and my loved ones can thrive? So often I can get caught in the details and forget to see the greater picture.

So if any of this is resonating right now… zoom out. Focus less on the details you can spend your whole life criticizing. My how easily we can get stuck in this place- for a lifetime even. Zoom out, readjust your lens, and see how those moments that felt so overwhelming, the details that seemed all important, actually blend into the bigger picture to create true clarity when you shift your perspective. My intention for 2020 is all about vision and clarity. How can we adjust our lens to help us move with clarity into alignment with our truest selves? ❤️