/// C R E A T I N G . S P A C E . F O R . H E A L I N G ///
February 12, 2018

In our second episode of the podcast Mind-Body Stuff, Bernice and Kali discuss how trauma and emotions can get “stuck” in the body. Through the context of the Larry Nassar trial, they explore how giving a voice to our low-vibrating emotions like shame and fear can help release us from their power.
Things I have experienced with this adventure in Podcastland…

1. It’s actually not that easy for me to do this. Bernice and I talk every day about mind-body stuff, but for some reason when it is recorded and shared, it feels as though you are locked in to what you saying, with any thought being sealed in as a belief for others to hear, just because it’s recorded. So much of what I say is then questioned in my own mind, making me wonder if I articulated my thoughts correctly, hoping things won’t be misunderstood or taken out of context.
2. We realized we are much better with little to no prep work, so from now on we are recording once a week. It may be garbage and we will trash it, or it may be uploaded. Either way, look for more podcasts coming at you soon!
Thanks for listening!

Listen to Episode 2 of Mind-Body Stuff here, on iTunes, or anywhere else you listen to podcasts!

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