B R O K E N . & . B E A U T I F U L
May 14, 2018

Okay… scary, vulnerable feelings about sharing, but that’s what this safe space is here for, so here goes… Three months ago I had a double mastectomy to get rid of existing breast cancer and decrease the possibility of it returning.

We all know how often Kali nails the perfect song and movements, that you swear it was meant just for you. In the weeks leading up to my surgery I felt this. I was able to start processing and healing even before I knew how to. With OULA, we don’t have to hide what’s happening in our lives. Our scars (good, bad, physical or not) are part of our stories and have value. It can be painful to process some of them and they’ll all have their own timeline, but the space is there for you.

Someone shared with me about “Kintsugi” – a Japanese art of putting broken pottery together while highlighting/acknowledging it’s flaws, using gold to fill in the cracks. I’ve started to think of OULA and this community as what fills the cracks in our souls with gold. We get to come to class with all our pieces and mend them back together, leaving restored.

So I need to say thank you. While I’ve been shattered in both a physical and mental way, it’s been so many of you that have helped me through this by watching my kids, subbing my classes, dancing with me before I had to take a hiatus, being at doctor appts, listening when I needed to talk, just giving a hug … you all were a major part of getting me through this, putting me back together without feeling broken and ugly but broken and beautiful.

Sarah Dennis, Missoula, MT

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