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December 29, 2017

I just woke up from a nap with my 6 month old Piper. She’s teething, isn’t sleeping well (meaning I’m not sleeping well, either) and I got a call today at only 11:00 this morning, the day before training😱, telling me she just needed her mama and I had to go get her. Obviously this derailed my plans for the day, but I did get to nap with her so that’s pretty nice🙂
Back to waking up from our nap…I turned to look at the framed little beauty that sits beside my bed. It immediately makes me think of Bernice Brown Johnston, who gave this to me almost exactly a year ago for my birthday when we were hosting a teacher training in New Hampshire. She bought this in a very cute little shop full of treasures, this one being extra special and now weaved into the treasures of my home and story… I hope Sarah S likes where it sits on my nightstand.
I have been tired lately. Like so, so tired. Not just my sleep-deprived body and brain, but my heart feels tired, too. Sometimes life just feels like it wears you down, ya know? I’ve been nervous about the amount of output that will be required of me this weekend because I feel kinda empty. What of me is there left to give to these beautiful souls who are embarking on a very special journey, doing something that scares them and stepping into a new role? Will I be able to hold and support the space so that they experience the most loving and safe environment? Can I even do a training (or life) anymore without Bernice who is gone this weekend?
I’ve been thinking about trainings lately. The training we were at in New Hampshire last year with Julia Patrón, as she will be joining our absolutely incredible team of mentors for the group this weekend. The “open” training groups in Minnesota and California, and now Missoula again. And the thing is, these weekends fill me up like nothing else. Yes, it requires me talking for a gagillion hours and dancing for just as many… but it’s as if we all hold each other up. We all support and share and listen and connect. Obviously there is a transfer of information that is required, but more than anything, I have realized that it is more about just sharing ourselves and learning how to do that through song and dance. And that is so, so special.
I immediately feel myself relax. I immediately feel less tired and more excited. I am immediately reminded of why I do this.
For anyone who is in Missoula and loves OULA… here is what I am asking of you… please come dance with us on Saturday and Sunday at 9:30. Please hold up these new trainees with welcoming smiles and open hearts and sweaty hugs. Please help us create a space that allows for blossoming and facilitates growth within its rich soils. OULA takes all of us, as we weave our stories together, just like the stitching on this canvas.
“Let’s go into the garden
And we’ll listen to the flowers sing.”
I hope to see you tomorrow.
Love, Kali

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