AFTER/AFTER by Amanda Ledermann
June 14, 2019

The first picture is just 2 years ago. AFTER a lifetime of failed attempts at a healthier me. Diets, gym memberships, food tracking apps, fitness apps, workout DVDs… I did it ALL. Well, tried it all. Photo 1 may have been my heaviest it may not have. I lost track of all the ups and downs.

The 2nd photo is AFTER I stopped looking outside myself for solutions to my weight problems and started getting to know myself inside instead.

Oula didn’t do this FOR me, I did it for me, with the help of Oula. Because of Oula I became more physically active than I had been in my entire life. I look forward to each and every class. In the beginning I felt like I was going to pass out halfway through classes. But I couldn’t stop because I was having too much fun. Eventually I could feel myself get stronger and my energy last longer.

Oula has helped me learn how to check in with my body and tune in to how I feel emotionally and physically. It gives me space to express emotions in ways I never knew. It’s given me strength and confidence and a kick ass support system who thinks working out is the best way to spend time together. People who walk through the fire together. Who lift each other up with love.
When you have people like this in your corner, you feel like you can take on the world. So you do!

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