/// A Note from Bernice ///
December 29, 2017

May I wish each and everyone of you a Merry New Year!! It is such an honor at OULA to be able to call you all friends and feel all your love, warmth and support throughout the year.

As we all have gathered for our festive holiday celebrations, let us remember that for some of us the holidays are a tough time of year. This was brought to the fore-front of my mind just the other day as I thought of a dear friend who’s son just passed away a few weeks ago. For many of us who have experienced a loss or a traumatic event the holidays can be a mine-field of strong emotions.
Take care of yourself, sweet friends. Give yourself space and time to mourn, to process, to sit with the discomfort.
Don’t “should” on yourself. Lower your expectations. Be willing to accept where you’re at. You “should” have a beautiful tree. You ‘”should” feel festive. Well, maybe you don’t and maybe you won’t. You are still a good person and you owe it to yourself to take care of yourself.
The holidays can be a trigger for many of us.  Find simple ways to give yourself comfort – whether it’s sitting down and doing a puzzle or going out and buying yourself a cup of hot cocoa. Care for yourself, Love yourself. Recognize your pain, your loss, your frustration. Your feelings our valid – even during the holidays.

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