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March 13, 2017

I was browsing the Internet about information on the human heart when I read something that caught my attention:

You cannot hear your own heartbeat.

I guess I knew that because I try to check my pulse after OULA, and sometimes it can be hard to find. In the article I was reading on iflscience.com, researcher Roy Salomon explained why, “You don’t want your internal sensations to interfere with your external ones. It’s in your interest to be aware of what’s outside you.”

Even though that seems obvious it still struck me as interesting. It made me think of an article we posted in our community page on facebook not long ago. I learned that your breathing and even heartbeat can change tempo depending on what song you are listening to. (Read the full article at http://ourpastimes.com/music-affect-heart-rate-6553059.html)


Putting those two facts together is what seemed most thought provoking:

  1. You cannot hear your own heartbeat.
  2. Your heartbeat can change based on what you hear.


The past few days I have been uncommonly feisty. Things that normally didn’t bother me have been getting on my nerves. Traffic, lines at the grocery store, my dog sniffing trees on our morning walks. I have had no patience for anything! It almost feels like I have as much control over my poor mood as I do at changing the pace of my own heartbeat. And that’s why reading this article online gave me such a light bulb moment.

I might not know exactly why I have been so easily aggravated lately, after all, I am unable to hear or see all the internal things going on, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have the power to change them. Just like listening to certain songs can change the pace of my heartbeat, I have the power to put myself in and around situations that can calm me down, boost my mood, or put me at ease.

On days when we especially feel out of control, that is when we need to be most intentional about putting ourselves around things that fill us up with positivity!

So make some tea, put on your favorite song, stay off of Facebook, take a bath, yell and dance it out at OULA. Whatever it takes to get yourself back to a beat that feels good in your body! Take the time today to purposefully take charge of your beat! After all, this is your song of YOUR life, so make sure it is a song that you want to dance to!



Written by Staci Lee

(Staci is an Oula Instructor and Trainer from Missoula, MT)

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