// O U L A . A B R O A D // Finding a Way to Have It All
December 2, 2016

I’m spoiled. I’m spoiled and I know I am. I get to work for Oula Fitness full time. Which means at any time of day I have access to a beautiful open room with light streaming through its big windows. I have a front row seat to dozens of smiling faces, eager to throw down their gym bags and rush into a room pumping with music. I have the ability to, in the middle of my workday, jump up from my desk, run into the studio, and dance to any song that inspires me to move. But above everything else, I am spoiled because my boss, Kali, not only gives me the perfect work environment, but also approved me to have 6 weeks of vacation at a time.


… So here I am. I have been in England for 1 week now and the realization of how spoiled I am has really started settling in. The first couple days I hardly thought of it. I happily skipped around London, bustling through museums, cafes, and shops. My easily excited heart was so distracted by all the new things around me that I didn’t detect any signs of missing my little studio at all! I was in an English cloud of preoccupied bliss.


It came on slowly, really. At first I thought I was still jet lagged. My legs felt heavy, but my body felt antsy. It was hard for me to sit still on my favorite red double decker bus. I was having trouble focusing on those British accents I love so much. I didn’t want the fish and chips….. I WANTED TO DANCE!


I said the words before I even realized they came out of my mouth; “I need to do some Oula!” Unfortunately, the small second story London flat where I was staying was not exactly conducive for a high cardio workout, but I knew that soon I would be traveling east to a house in the country so I told myself to be patient and in the meantime, enjoy the present.


I made it to a big brick house tucked into the countryside about a mile from the coast. From the clothesline hanging by the garden to the moss growing on the roof, it couldn’t be a more perfect little home. It is a quintessential scene out of a novel that my good friend Bernice always says she will write someday. Picturesque and lovely in every way. It does not, however, have much space to dance. So it didn’t take long before I found myself sitting by the woodburning stove, whispering to the dog curled up at my feet, “I need to do some Oula.”


Yesterday, after accepting the fact that I don’t have my own perfect dance studio here in England, I agreed to go for a run. I took the reassurance that it would be “fun” and set off on a beautiful paved path that overlooks the ocean.


It came as no surprise to me, though, that it was in fact, not fun. Even in midst of stunning scenery and what I would consider to be really good company, I still was unable to find the joy in propelling my body forward for an extended period of time. We tried to add in some “excitement” with squats and lunges. I tried to imagine Amanda (The Director of Oula Power) there smiling and squatting along with us, but it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t Oula.


That brings me to now. Here I am curled up in a chair by a window starring at a scene that my mind keeps telling me is too striking to be real; my warm coffee steaming beside me. (I know I am in England but I don’t like tea and I won’t be bossed about it.) And in my little spoiled heart I miss dancing. I miss my studio and I miss my tribe. Can’t I have it all?!?!


It suddenly dawned on me what I had to do. I grabbed my computer and logged into Oula’s Online Studio.


I am barefoot on carpet and my computer doesn’t have quite as good of a sound system as the Oula Studio. The dining room table feels too close for comfort and I have repeatedly had to remind the dog that “It’s not about how it looks; it’s about how it feels!” But none of that matters because I needed to dance!


I stopped to write all of this down, but even now as I am typing, I can hear Suzy teaching in the background. I can hear Amy whooping and Christa singing along. Through my little computer screen, I can feel the heart of my tribe and the place that feels like home, and I have to admit… my little spoiled heart feels satisfied again. (Side note: The Christmas lights look lovely.)


I am so appreciative that I have been able to take this trip, and just as grateful that I can stay connected to my tribe through our community page on Facebook, but most of all, I am thankful that Oula has an Online Studio that makes me feel like I am not missing a single thing. I needed to dance! I needed to feel connected again. And thanks to the Online Studio, my spoiled heart that always wants it all, can still find a way to feel completely satisfied.


– Join Staci and log into our Online Studio any day, any time, from anywhere! Classes are just $5 each or subscribe monthly for only $19.99 and gain access to hundreds of classes taught by dozens of different instructors! Oula is more than just a workout; it is an experience. Join the movement!


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